Insurance Companies … UGH!


Everyone is required by law to pay Car Insurance. Without it, you would be breaking the law and be the victim of endless harassment by the police. Anyone who drives here knows how much of a stress it can be when the police stop you for a spot check and “yu papers nuh strait”.

Well, a law abiding citizen like myself has become the victim of the system and the scum of the earth that make up our society. For anyone who remembers the accident I met in in January, for those who saw the pictures would see that there was no way I was at fault. Well, thanks to insurance companies and their constant ploy of milking our pockets of our hard earned money, I was found to be at fault in my accident. Yes, it was a shock to me. I expressed my disgust at the system and the fact that I now will have to pay double … YES, DOUBLE my premium next month because the assholes lied on their statement to the police and the insurance company. I was so pissed I could scream! EEEEEKKKKK! There, yes, I had to let it out.

It is another realization that the things that are necessary to get by in Jamaica, insurance, drivers licence, passports (don’t even let me tell you the story about that one) are the hardest to get done. The bureaucratic red tape and formalities that one has to go through is the source of frustration to everyone who lives here. When will the systems realize that is because of this unnecessary stress that promotes the all too familiar “bandooloo” systems that are almost the life blood of our society. All you have to do is know someone, “have di links” as we call it just to get by with the necessities of life.

No wonder our country can get no better.


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