The Power of Music


For the very few people who know me, you will know that I am a big Usher fan. Since his mega hit “You Make Me Wanna” couple years back, I just thought he was a young entertainer with a lot of potential. He has certainly grown into a hottie! Again, the few who know me, know that ever since I became an internet music download junkie, I have ceased to purchase original albums {(with the exception of Madonna of course :)}.

My best purchase since the beginning of this year has to be Usher’s Confessions album. I listened to his album from beginning to end and enjoyed every moment of it. It speaks true of so many men in the world right now, and whether what he sings about is just because that’s what people want to hear or as the album suggests, his confessions about occurences in his life, it makes for good listening. He really has grown as an artist in my eyes and is a wonderful performer as well … I mean, he does have some streaks of talent compared to the great Michael Jackson … even if by imitation. The content of his album speaks of infidelity, admitting to wrong-doing, wanting to make up for it, regretting decisions made. How many men in this decade are willing to put themselves out there like that? The whole issue of creeping and keeping things on the down low has been so rampant in almost every aspect of life, whether it is that you are involved with somebody else’s man/husband/wife/woman for either sex, keeping things on the DL is the order of the day.

Gosh … it only makes one wonder, for those who haven’t found that special someone, that happiness one can only have when being in love, is there hope for them?

As a hopeless romantic (for the extremely few who know this side of me), I believe that there is someone for everyone. Sometimes we are too docile to go after with good reason, what we want. No, that doesn’t include wrecking someone else’s home whether it is happy or not, but people need to stand for virtue in this corrupt world.

Am I making any sense here?????


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