The Power of Music: Vol. 2


Am I the only one who listens to music of every genre, listen carefully to the words and in some cases apply the contents of that special song to my own life? I know for a fact that I’m not. Again, I speak of the power of music. You can expect to see much of these because I am a lover of music .. So, Hoobastank’s The Reason. Has anyone stopped to listen to the word? I have so many times and think to myself, the lyrics in this song is what every girl in the world probably dreams of hearing from the man in their life. Some of us may actually be fortunate to hear it in our lifetime.

What always amazes me about music and the artistes who perform them, is the fact that they can write the most beautiful love song, say all the right things, make the perfect music video, looking all lovey-dovey and cosey … And Yet, their own love life is a complete wreck!! How is that even possible? Can they be so distorted in their successful career that they make a wreck of their personal life? That is extremely sad.

However, I can’t speak for anyone in Hoobastank – would have to research their personal life to see if this applies to them but I can almost rely on past occurences to think that they may be the same as everyone else.

Nonetheless, the words of this song, beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Not many women now a days have the qualities, strength and patience to cause this type of reaction from their man because they are all caught up in themselves (another blog to explore this thinking) … and they wonder why they can’t land a man????


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  1. The reason why their love lives fail (I think) is because they spend most of their time writting, touring and catering to their fans’ needs. “well the fans pays the bills”!! go-figue!

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