Simple Things


Ok … bet you all thought I was over Usher right?  Well, I couldn’t say everything all at once so I gave you a break and here I am again.
Yes, Simple Things … another beautiful song by Usher Raymond.  As the name suggests, it is basically speaking about the fact that this guy has been buying his girlfriend all these expensive gifts (Rolex and other “blingin” stuff) when all she really wanted is to spend time with him. 
Not focusing only on relationship situations, in general, most people today do not take the time to enjoy the simple things in life.  Overtime, I have come to appreciate many things that some people take for granted – one of the most important things … LIFE!  I have also found many other things in the world to be so refreshing that I can’t imagine why a person would seek to destroy any of God’s wonderful creations or not acknowledge its beauty and relevance to the world. 
We have become a materialistic world, all caught up in the “bling bling” …. the fancy cars, the expensive/excessive jewellery, the name brand clothes and all the other things that people see and place a great amount of emphasis on.  It’s like if you’re not driving a certain type of car or living in a certain neighbourhood, wearing a certain type of clothes and drinking a particular type of liquor, that “nutten nah gwaan fi yu”.  Well, wake up call or reality check for anyone who thinks like that … that is not what is important.  All those things are material and can be gone, lost or destroyed in a second and at what price??? Our soul, our sanity, our peace of mind?
Appreciating the simple things – time spent with the one you love, hearing a baby laugh, watching the sun come up (or the sun set for Dales), listening to the rain or smelling the sweet aroma of some good home cooking.  These are the things that should matter the most; not what we have or what we have on.
Am I being too simple here?


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  1. No i don’t think you are being too simple,’cause I often get up in the mornings and create so much excitement when I open my windows in and feel fresh cool air just whiff across my body.
    Even though I could do with some [jus a little] of the “bling blings” I’m grateful to still have life.

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