Temper Temper


I have a terrible temper.  This is something I’ve known since I was in high school and have gotten into my fair amount of trouble and principal’s office visits because of my temper.  Because I am extremely cognizant of this fact, I make a concerted effort to keep my temper under control.  So much so, that sometimes, when I’m angry, and I cover it … it still comes across to the other party as me being angry or having an attitude. 
Some persons theorize that this is as a result of all this anger I have built up because of supression and as such, I really have no control over my display of anger.  Could this be so?  I mean, even when I am not angry at all, it comes across that way.  Maybe I need therapy cause this sounds like a Dr. Jeckyll & Ms. Hyde type of thing.
For a more peaceful life, however, I am again making the effort to keep my anger to a minimum and manage my temper …. it could be detrimental if I don’t.


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  1. Well I don’t think it’s anything you need therapy about. The good thing is you are aware of it, so just keep working at correcting it before you explode and everything will be just fine!:)

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