The Long Arm of the Law


Ok … I had this experience yesterday as well, but didn’t want to share everything all at once.  So here I go with “The Long Arm of the Law” … has any one guessed what this is about yet??? It’s the Jamaica Constabulary Force – “To Serve and Protect” … yeah …….. right!  Canadian Mounty.

Yesterday on my way back from May Pen, upon reaching the Spanish Town Bypass, there was a funeral procession heading in the direction of Dove Cot.  Needless to say, there was an entourage of Police Cars in front leading the procession and they just took over the middle of the road, forcing vehicles travelling in the same direction as me, unto the soft shoulder.  The people travelling in the opposite direction seemed to be ignoring the sirens and remained in their lane.  So, after quite a few cars passed, I thought that was the end of the procession.  Lo and behold, I see a police man, on a bike, and he was standing on it, dillying and dallying in the middle of the road with a big smile on his face like a 6 year old boy who had just gotten his first Razor Image scooter!   I was appalled.

I then remember all the experiences I’ve heard of with persons who have met in motor vehicle accidents with Police cars travelling with sirens and without and were found to be at fault despite incriminating evidence that the Police Officer was in the wrong.  I myself fell victim to the unscrupulous behaviour of the “law” where the police car that contributed to my accident in January lied on his statement to the insurance company.  

The very people, commissioned with the responsibility of serving and protecting us from criminal and corrupt elements are the instigators of the very crimes they should be protecting us from.  Isn’t just sickening to your stomach?  People in Jamaica will quicker take matters into their own hands than call the police and allow the law to take its course.  We no longer have faith in the system as it has failed over and over again.  They are several persons incarcerated, waiting to be tried, persons who have been given the death sentence for crimes they did not commit, and the police continue to get away with the wrongs they do.

When will our island home get better?  Corruption will be the death of us and the world at large.  We really need Jesus … he’s the only one that can save us.


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