The Valley of Indecision


A friend of mine has finally decided to buy a car. I’m so happy for her … but that is as far as her decision has gone. Now, she’s in a predicament in deciding what type of car to buy. With so many factors at stake – particularly budget, economy, availability of parts, etc. , the decision has to be carefully made.

Why I think my friend is in “the valley” is because, after “deciding” the type of car she would want, her significant other is not in agreement with the choice she makes.

I got so upset … probably because I’m not the biggest fan of her boyfriend but …. she should buy what she wants .. I mean, it’s all her money, she’s the one who’s gonna drive it and she will be the one paying the monthly and all other bills … why should he attempt to dictate what she buys! Mi nuh agree wid dat at all!

So many times, we let men dictate the things we do. What ever happened to the STRONG, INDEPENDENT WOMAN? Where have they all gone? We have given men so much control over us that we don’t even know ourselves anymore.

Well, I vow not to do that!!!!! I will continue to be strong in the name of womanhood!

Or … am I in denial?


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  1. No, you’re not in denial at all. It is of utmost importance that we remain strong and not allow our men to dominate us. Its one thing if our men provide their opinion or suggestion when a decision has to be made, but to make the decision for us is another story. We respect our men and we always want their input in order to make the best decision. However, the final word, is up to your friend in this situation. Of course, with all due respect.

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