What is it about chicks and shoes anyway???


Ok … so Lady Serendipity came up with this idea to come up with topics for us to write about, us being the little blog “community” between her, myself and Lady Lonely. So, to get our minds running, she came up with “What is it about chicks and shoes anyway???” So here goes my blog about that topic.

Well, I have always had a problem with shoes, in that because of extremely sweaty feet which leads to massive cheesi-ness and excema which aflicts my toes from time to time, I am forced to shy away from closed up shoes and forever don the ever so wonderful SLIPPER – yes, flip flops on those lazy daze, open toe pumps for work, dainty slippers for those elegantly casual occasions and formal affairs. I guess that makes me a modern day Cinderella. Looking through my shoes one will see a trend. Apart from the fact that they are open toed, they are not very high (because of back problems). I have a grand total of 17 pairs of “shoes” … all open toed, in basic colours – black, brown, tan, red, blue and transparent. I don’t think this is an exessively large # but … what the hell am I doing with 17 pairs of shoes??? For one thing, I don’t go 17 places a year!!! Apart from my 2 work shoes, the others get an occasional feature when I go to the movies or some work function or just for a drive out on a Sunday evening.

I don’t consider myself a typical woman and I do not have an unnatural love for shoes. However, because of human nature, women just always have to be prepared in the event that an occasion comes up, you will have the perfect shoe. It’s always when we’re in the store … the moment of truth …”Do I really need this pair of shoes?”, “Nah, I don’t really need it but suppose I decide one day to go to a Cultural Food Festival in Portland, then I will need a comfortable shoe that I can walk or stand around all day in without the urge to take it off and throw it out in the sea”. And that’s the deciding factor … just in case a particular occasion comes up, I’ll have the perfect shoe. And we buy it. Another method used by myself is … “ok, does this match anything in my closet? Oh, oh, oh! Yes!, it matches that pink silk skirt I bought in 2000 that I’ve never worn because I never had the perfect shoe!!! Yes!!! Gotta buy the shoe”. And then we know what happens, neither the shoe or the skirt gets worn for another year!!!

I’m sure lady serendipity is going to put my 17 shoes to shame. But that question will never really be answered. For most women, there is this love for shoes that is just unshakable … More Time!


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