I started going back to the gym on Monday of this week. Having started in January which followed with one unfortunate event after another, I am just now, 7 months later able to go back to the gym! I was welcomed with open arms and I know it was not because of the monthly subscription I paid. A wonderful revelation was that although been away for so long, I had not gained a single pound! I actually lost inches in most areas but gained 1″ in the worst area possible (this will remain nameless, you all can continue to guess).

However, these 2 days, I have already started to feel the difference. I have gone back to my nutrition plan and have been sticking to it so far. Yeah, 8 glasses of water a day (I’m only at 4 but getting there) and great discipline in abstaining from the “enemy foods” – I know I don’t need to list those. What I realize about this whole gym thing is that going to the gym and working out is the least of my worries! The most challenging part about getting fit and staying in shape is maintaining the dietary aspect of life. It is so hard to resist the chocolate sundae, the apple pies, the whopper with cheese and all that good stuff that we just so love to eat. Once you have decided to eliminate these things from your diet, the rest is easy.

I know you’ll all be rooting for me. It means a lot! Wish me luck!!!


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  1. you sound like me CD. I keep seeing my weight climbing steadily. I am kicking 200lbs in the face and it just keeps creeping up on me. Started a swimming class at the beach on Saturdays. We get to swim, kayak, snorkel, scuba dive. Some really cool stuff. I now have a beach bum tan. Got rid of my office palor

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