Pissed, Pampered, Pooped!


I’m sure you must all be wondering what kind of a heck title is that for a blog! Well, that about sums up the last three (3) days for me.

While on my way to work in Montego Bay on Thursday, an asshole was overtaking three (3) cars on a corner, coming headway for me. I swerved out of him and sent my scar into a 180 degree spin in the road, which left me facing in the opposite direction to where I was going. I was in a bit of shock at first at what had actually happened. Two (2) gentlemen came out of their car and asked me if I was ok, told me that there was no damage to my car and actually helped me to get back on the road. Just when I was thinking that there are good people in the world, I discovered much to my distress that they had made off with my bank-assigned cell phone! Yes! In the middle of my plight, they made off with the instrument, no doubt hoping to make a quick sale of about J$2,500.00. How despicable! So you can imagine how pissed I was.

So, I made my way to Montego Bay and then Negril to do my assigned task and did not finish each evening until 8:36 and 9:42 respectively!

Then …. the long drive back! Everyone knows that I love to drive. It is almost therapeutic for me and even though there are so many assholes on the road, I still enjoy the experience of driving in Jamaica. Traveling out of town is an absolute pleasure for me, viewing the landscape, the greens and the lovely blues of the sea is just breathtaking! Jamaica is one beautiful island. I wonder why people opt to take honey moons in the states or even another caribbean island when the beauty of our island home by far surpasses any other Caribbean island I have ever been to … and even moreso the USA.

Anyway, I came home to loving arms who were so happy to see me that it took all the unpleasantries from the days’ events. I was indeed pampered.


After that, the fatigue of the 2 days finally set it. I’ve been sleeping much which is proof that I’m utterly POOPED!!!!

One thing for sure, there ain’t no place like home, ain’t no bed like your own bed (whether it is at home #1 or #2, and there’s nothing better than the smile of someone who loves you especially when you really need it!

More time everyone!


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