Ivan The Terrible


For those who have been following the Hurricanes this season will no doubt by now be aware that Hurricane Ivan is heading for Jamaica. Here is the link that shows the path of Hurricane Ivan:


Now, anyone who was here during Hurricane Gilbert will remember the devastation, destruction and “destitution” that followed. By destitution, I mean – NO LIGHT, NO WATER, NO TELEPHONE! No light meant no ice, no ice cream, no ice-cold anything. At that time, a Cold Red Stripe Beer was a luxury which was had at a prime price of J$80 a bottle – almost twice the normal retail value!

Again, we are forced to prepare for the unslaught of this act of God, Force of Nature … and of course, it is so commercial it ain’t funny. All the supermarkets, wholesales, computer repairmen and anyone in the business of supplying disaster relief items, are right about now licking their fingers and watching the dollars flow and the sales increase. $$$$$ is all there are seeing before their eyes and hearing “ching ching” in their ears. It is no longer about caring for mankind, being your brother’s keeper. It is all about what you can get out of a situation. Yeah, yeah, I’m all for businesses making a profit but not at the expense of people who do not have a choice. No doubt, the prices for the well needed items – batteries, candles, canned foods, etc., will increase by at least J$10 before today is out in preparation for the arrival of “Ivan the Terrible” on Friday.

When will the world stop being so commercial? Everything has now become all about how much money I can make, how much I can get out of people and how I can make myself better. Don’t get me wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be better financially and to achieve a certain status. However, to what extent are people willing to sacrifice their soul and sanity do to this? It cannot be sweet victory knowing that you achieved well at the expense of someone else. No matter what, we should always try to do good to all around us. As is stated in my profile, All we need is love.


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  1. How come you get your link in your post…..I have been trying ever since I have been blogging. Anyway, I am so scared for you guys as I this is a category 5 and I am aware of what a hurrican like this can do ( Remembering Gilbert)…..my mothert became a vegeterian because of it..all the rotting meat…ugh!

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