Relationships Part I


The old age topic of relationships is one that will continue until the end of time. It is a dynamic that everyone of us has to deal with on a daily basis. Relationships span between family, acquaintances, friends, lovers.

Every day we see relationships end in disaster, we see relationships in bliss, we relationships move in transition from a state of bliss to a state of disaster. The million dollar question asked by many people in relationships is what does it take to keep a relationship in the state of bliss? Is this even possible? Now, it is important to realize that we do not live in a utopia. There is bound to be confrontation, conflict, misunderstandings, arguments and disagreements. However, it takes great effort – TEAMWORK – to keep relationships going. I don’t want to get cliche, but there are three (3) basic things I believe that will keep relationships for the most part in a state of bliss:

1. Trust
2. Respect
3. Appreciation

These are key components of a successful relationship. Once you have all these, everything else will be as easy as cheese. Out of these comes great compromise, making sacrifices for the one you love. Note, I did not say that you need Love. A popular song by Patty Smyth said “Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough”. I couldn’t agree with her more. If you even have all the love in the world, it takes more than that to keep a relationship going, happy and fulfilling.

If only we could see, understand and feel the meaning of real love. Unconditional, selfless, complete, “not puffy” as the bible says. But, rather – meek, gentle and kind.


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  1. There is also something else that is missing from the mix….there is no word for it and there’s nothing I can use to describe it. People end of being divorced and still have trust, respect and appreciation for each other…that’s how they end up being best friends even though they are not together….but don’t listen to me…I am unable to hold a relationship past 4 years…and 4 years for me is a long time. I shouldn’t be in a 4 year relationship and not be making plans to get married..what is the point. I’m just ranting and raving, not sure what I’m talking about. I’m actually a little dehydrated right now.

  2. Dales, I think that in the circumstances you speak of, where people end up in divorce but there is still trust, respect and appreciation – I think the Love is missing in those cases. You know they say you grow out of love with someone … something like that. Not just the love you have for a person, but a love that is deeper and certainly stronger. That’s my 2 cents.

  3. Sometimes we make choices in life that we have to live with. I was talking to a friend (female) today about why women need to qualify love. If a man loves you and admits it why does he have to keep proving it? What are you trying to achieve? She was involved with a maried man and she thought he spent too much time with his friends and not with her. She could not understand how he could say he loved her but had time for his friends. Our conversation was a little frustrating because I kept thinking like a man and could not understand her “feelings”. Just like anything that you have to heat up to to use, relationships can go stale if you leave it on the shelf. Go figure

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