Heights of Heartlessness ….So So Sad


After the passing of Hurricane Ivan, it has become more evident to me the despicable society in which we live. I have never before, in my life, seen such heartlessness in one place. We would all have heard about the looting and shooting that took place during the act of nature that has caused great loss to many individuals and families. Now, having lived through this devastation, one would think that people would now begin to put their lives in perspective and attempt to turn their life around for the better!

Ha! Wishful thinking! It seems that this was just the golden opportunity for them to let the darkness and coldness of their heart “shine”. Reports in the local and international media spoke of incidents of looting in homes that were completely destroyed by Ivan. The pictures were astounding. There was also a report of a doctor being shot while on the way to the hospital to work.

What the hell is wrong with us? Everyday there is something else on the news, someone else has a story to tell of an unpleasant experience of selfishness to the nth degree. In a time when we would be seeking to help each other overcome and deal with this time of difficulty, we are looking out only for our own welfare, not caring about the people who are hurt, trampled on and run over in the process. I mean, a simple thing like sharing resources is completely unheard of. A DJ on my favourite radio station made mention of the fact that it is indeed hard to see your neighbour across the street with electricity and you don’t. The pain, the torture of knowing that your neighbour is enjoy a glass of orange juice … WITH ICE!!! That is enough to send someone into instant depression. He then went on to say that this is the time, albeit not the best circumstances to develop a long term relationship with the people you have been living beside or across for numerous years. Yeah, yeah, right! These neighbours would probably say, “wi nuh have enuff fi gi yu. Sorry. Maybe next time”. And this is a simple act of kindness that is completely humane but seems to be a challenging task to many people in this country. No one is their brother’s keeper any more.

Will we ever come out of this mentality? At times like these, I feel the urge to move away from home and try to find a more civilized environment to live in. Strange, I did not feel this when we were being battered by Ivan, or when the interest rates continued to rise, the dollar continued to devalue and the economy in a state of disarray. These things seem like a walk in the park when compared to dealing with the uncivilized behaviour of humanity.

It is sad…. sad, sad, sad. Sweden, Switzerland …. will you take me?


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  1. Try Canada, thats where I wanna go. Its the only country so far to me that seems to be sane and normal and things are still the same 10 years ago. They are not a super power and they don’t want to be either. If you watch Bowling for Columbine…you would not want to live anywhere else. I don’t even want to comment on your blog because it is too depressing.

  2. Very well said. And yes, very sad, very true, very dissapointing. Living in Canada, and having to watch the news and see some of the selective “highlights” on looting is truly quite tormenting. Its hard to watch sometimes because I’m so busy shaking my head in disgust. How can I defend my fellow contrymen in times like these? Leaving isnt always the answer, but I’m sure Canada would love to have you. You should check it out. (looking company)

  3. It makes me very terrified to live in this place I call home. My Business Ethics lecturer said last night, that the other countries such as Iraq are at a declared war…whereas we are constanly at combat with our fellow men. This is just so sad.

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