Writer’s Block


I have the urge to blog, but there’s just nothing to blog about. I have decided not to write about all the negative things around me, the positives are things that I do not really want to share and then, there’s writing about nothing which I don’t really think I should do.



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  1. Well, I think you have alot to say. I love reading your blogs- big or little. I agree that there are many negative things going on around you. I’m experiencing the same thing. However, just because negativity exists, doesnt mean you shouldnt confront it and in your own words, make it positive, or talk about how, in your opinion, we as a people, you as a person, or an individual can make it better. And why the hell not share the positives! Girl, life in itself is a celebration. Indulge and express freely if you have reason to rejoice! 🙂

  2. Same here….I can’t think of what to write…well I think of stuff, but it’s just too many things at once I can’t write it down. For the most part I think that what I’m thinking is not worth writting about either. [that’s alot of “think’ – Don’t you think?].
    Anyhow, I know you have so much you can write about so just let it flow good or bad, sometimes you just have to write about the bad stuff ’cause that’s the only way your gonna get it/them out of your system. I like reading your blogs ’cause there’s always something humerous in there for me… and you know how I love to laugh.

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