Friends Pt. 1


Friends was one of the best sitcoms of all time. Definitely one of my favourites (next to Seinfeld). A lot of times, we compare our own life to those on the sitcoms. The rapport among the cast on friends was amazing. It was almost like they weren’t acting … if you know what I mean. It seemed so easy and effortless to them … maybe because they became real friends, which leads me to the point of this blog.

Throughout my life, I have come across many different types of people. I can remember my very first best friend Kerry-Ann in prep school. We did everything together. We were star students, teacher’s pets, all round envied kids because we were involved in everything and was good at it. I eventually left Prep School to attend the school where my mother teaches, but because Kerry Ann and I lived close to each other, we still remained friends. After we took common entrance, we both passed for different high schools … and that was where the friendship ended.

During my extremely interesting time in high school, I came across many persons and formed some very bad friendships (in retrospect). When I got to 9th grade (3rd Form as we call it here), I met a girl [we’ll call her … Hickey :)] who became my best friend. This is the first friendship that has lasted since then … and this was 1989. That is almost 20 years worth of friendship we’re talking about. We also drifted apart for about 1 year and a half as sometimes happens in friendships when your life takes a different direction or you are in a self-exploration phase. Despite the distance we felt in this time, I always had her in my thoughts and prayers. At some point, I wondered if it was something I did why we were apart and wrestled with the thought of being responsible for our separation. Thankfully, that was not the case and we are still so much like peas and carrots now!

There was also this guy, who, I met around the same time as Hickey who turned out to be one of the bestest friends any girl could ask for. That’s all I’ll say about that.

During the time Hickey and I were “separated” I acquired two friends while in College, who, in the short space of time became an important part of my life.

Overtime, some of these relationships went sour and it saddened me because I tried so hard to be a good friend. Now, in the present day … all of my friends have migrated! Yeah, its like I chased them all away! And, I have had some bad experiences with these friends of mine that I have almost resolved not to form any deep, new friendships because I don’t want to get hurt again. It sounds crazy and the reality is even moreso because as we speak, a “little” friendship is developing between myself and a very cool co-worker of mine – Ms. Mumpel. She is very cool.

But, one thing is for sure. Friends play an important role in anyone’s life. It would be so lonely not to have someone to talk to, cry on, laugh with, argue with, learn from, teach and just have outright fun with! Some friends are forever, and I thank God for the true friends in my life.

This blog is dedicated to all the friends I’ve come across and all the ones that have lasted until now. Y’All are very special to me! Thanks guys!!


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  1. Friendships are weird in that they seem so solid at the time. But when you look back at the friendships that are no longer, you are forced to wonder why they lasted as long as they did.

    Sometimes you out grow your friends, and sometimes they out grow you.

  2. I hope I’m not in the bad experience category…I don;t think I am..If I am please tell has to be resolved now…kidding….well not really….You have always been a good friend. Was even jealous of your friendship with Lisa, but thats another story…however, even though we don’t see each other and we don’t talk as often as I would like.. you will always be in my heart. Love you.

  3. Friendship can be real tricky sometimes….It’s so tweet that you consider me a “Kool” friend. It’s all about caring about each other like your own flesh and blood. I’ve had quite a few friendships [male & female] that went sour just ’cause I use to be alot simple with so many things and let them slip by even if I’m not pleased [can’t bother attitude I guess], but now it’s different no more will so called friends walk over me. The friendships ended ’cause they can’t use me for their own benefit anymore.
    I have one long standing friend from primary school until now…I’m too afraid to make new long standing friends, like you I don’t I can’t deal with being hurt again.

  4. Dales, you were one of the 2 friends I spoke of in college. We were close, you and I in a way that Lisa and I wasn’t. You are one of my closest friends. And I Love You too … You know I’m one who cries a lot too so quit jerking my tears.

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