Do People Make Love Anymore?


The act of love making is supposed to be the one of the most beautiful physical experiences anyone will ever go through in their lifetime. I am one of those people who believe that this was something that was meant to be for the institution of marriage based on the depth of what the act means and represents. While I did not wait on the consecration of Marriage, if I could live my life over, I would certainly have waited until now to give myself entirely. There is nothing more exhilirating that giving yourself completely to someone you love and who loves you in return. The overflow of emotion and love that is felt when this happens is a feeling of total bliss and happiness. The connection felt between two persons in love when expressing affection in this way is absolutely wonderful.

Society today for the most part no longer places the level of importance and regard for the act of love making as it is now so common place and lost its real value. By this, I mean that everyone is making love … no, correction … fucking with everyone else without any feeling, any thought, any consideration of what it really means. This ain’t cool at all. Do I believe it is possible to love more than one person at a time? Yes, I certainly do. Is it possible to love each person in the same way with the same magnitude? I don’t.

When you truly love a person, you want to share that connection in every possible way, in any capacity. One of the ways is to make passionate love. Love that encompasses warmth, electrifying touches, soft light kisses, hard ones if the mood allows. With love, there should be no reservations, no inhibitions when making love to the person who undoubtedly has your heart. The plethoria of the emotion of love is so powerful that is can overcome almost any negative an individual may face. The level of trust will be present and one would not be shy to experiment in whatever activities that make you get off on a high that cannot be compared to anything else you have ever experienced.

I am a lover. I enjoy making love to my lover every time, all the time. It takes me on a toxic high that leaves me feeling so intoxicated that I can’t see straight sometimes. It is such a wonderful feeling. My days of fucking are over. I only make love now and I am enjoying it more than anything sexual I have ever experienced in my whole life.

Wonderful …. just “fucking” wonderful!! Do I sound Love Sick???


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  1. Oh c’mon! You gotta slip a “fuck” in every now and again! Fucking can be just as fulfilling as “love making” .. maybe even more :-S …And yes you do sound love sick, but rest assured- that’s a disease marriage will cure!!! LOL Keep on making love, honey.

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