Stalker Boy!


When I was younger, I met this guy… we’ll call Jason, now known as “Stalker Boy-SB” to me and “Psychotic” to my friends who know this story, when I was 17. Needless to say that we met online so that should have been a sign that this would end in disaster. Anyhow, we met online, talked a couple of times, eventually exchanged phone numbers. I remember our first encounter …:

Ring Ring Ring

CD: Hello
SB: ………………….. (breathing)
CD: Hello???? …………. Hello????
SB: click!


CD: *69 … “We’re sorry, this number cannot be given out. To call this #, press 1”

I press 1. Phone rings … some nerd voice (NV) answers the phone.

NV: Hello?
CD: Hi, did someone just call xxx-xxxx from there?
NV: Oh … yeah … (giggling) … my friend Jason, he’s a bit shy.
CD: There’s nothing for him to be shy about … put him on the phone.

* This should have been an indication to me that I shouldn’t waste my time. Ah well, you live you learn

SB: Ahm, hello?
CD: Hi. Why did you hang up?
SB: Nothing really.
SB: You sound nice
CD: Thanks. (blushing like an idiot) So do you.

This was only the beginning. After that, this guy called me all the time. Like 10 times a day every day. Bear in mind that we had never met face to face. All this talking online and on the phone. I remember this guy went to NYC to his father for a week and he called me every day from New York. Gosh! You can just imagine how special I felt.

The day we laid eyes on each other was a trip. He lived near to the University I attended so we planned that I would stop by one afternoon when I had a break at school. We spoke about nothing else for about a week. Finally the fateful day arrived. Girls can relate to this … making sure you’re not having a bad hair day, wear your cutest/sexiest outfit in an attempt to make a good impression. Yeah, I went through all of that, and was nervous as hell. All I told him was what kind of car I would be driving so he would know when I arrived.

At the appointed time, I drove to the place he had directed me to. Yeah, really brave of me since I could be driving into a trap. Me, being the ever-trusting person (then), I went. I drove past the house two (2) times before I finally stopped at the gate. When I stopped, I was now totally nervous about getting up and knocking on the gate. Luckily for me, I saw someone come outside so I wind down the window … thinking it was him.

“Hi,” I said. “Is Jason inside?”

Of course, I’m expecting him to say it’s me. Thank God he didn’t! This guy, his friend looked like a total geek!

“Yeah, he is. Who should I tell him?”

“Tell him Latoya”.

He goes back inside and I’m waiting for like 3 minutes. Finally, I see this guy come out, tall (I don’t like tall guys really), dark, not so bad looking.

“Hi there”, he says, trying to sound all cool, suave, smooth…. It worked.


Don’t remember what we talked about for the rest of the time, but I remember him saying he was glad to finally meet me. I didn’t ask him what he thought of what he saw and he didn’t ask me that either. We saved that for the telephone conversation later that evening. He liked … he really really liked.

Anyway, we ended up in a relationship that turned out to be one of the biggest disasters of my life. We had an argument and I thought that was the end of it. Somewhat glad, but at the same time, sad because I kinda had liked this guy. I spent two (2) weeks with my girlfriend since we had exams and she needed some help studying. So, I didn’t speak for him during that time. It turned out that he didn’t want to break up with me and we decided to give it another chance, this after about 2 months of me avoiding him and playing hard to get.

This reconciliation was also very short lived. It lasted for about 5 months when I just had feeling that something just wasn’t right but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

The revelation came one night at about 12:00. My phone rang. I answer, and like there is some bitch on the other line asking me who the hell I am and what is my relationship with Jason.

I was like,”no this bitch didn’t just call my house at this ungodly hour to ask me about this guy”.

I said, “Who the fuck are you and what is it to you?”

She just wants to know. I said, “That is none of your business and if you really want to know, why don’t you ask him. Don’t call my house again you bitch”. I hung up.

Immediately after I hang up, I call him to ask me who this hooch is that is calling my home and harassing me. He sounded like a chicken without a head. He didn’t know exactly what to say to me. All he could come up with is “Uh, I don’t know what just happened a while ago but I’ll call you back”.

“Don’t bother calling me back. This shit is over. Good bye”.

And that I thought was the end of that. This happened in January 1999.

Now, one would think that 5 years later, a guy would have gotten over this right?


This guy has been trying to get back with me every time we speak. He calls to wish me happy birthday, merry christmas, all that shit, like he thinks that is going to move me. The other day I was going through my sentiment box and found an email I had sent to him after the episode with the bitch telling him that our relationship was over, how much of a child he was (he was younger than me), him not being ready for a mature relationship or for a real woman like me. What is even more interesting is that he admits that he was childish and immature but he is trying to convince me now that he has changed, matured and is now ready to give me the type of relationship I deserved back then. He wants me to have his children … Is he for real???? I mean, this guy even thinks that any man that I’m involved with would have to take a back seat whenever he comes around. I had to prove him wrong in the worst way a girl could do to a guy … that is for another blog. Don’t know what he was thinking … but he has done everything – come to my house, come to my office, drive me down on the road, I mean … Is he psychotic or what????

He hasn’t called me in a while. I hope it will remain that way.


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  1. I know I should not react this way, but I kind of find it funny — especially when the other girl called. “Hooch!” haha.

    Although, he sounds a bit pathetic, if he bothers you more, call the police!


  2. South Beach is the best, wish I could take you there. You would have a blast, don’t know how much hip hop/ dancehall clubs are there, but I’m sure we can experiment! 🙂

    You need to come up man…soon or die!


  3. “”Hi there”, he says, trying to sound all cool, suave, smooth…. It worked.”

    Heh, heh. That was unexpected. Good stuff.

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