The Great Madonna Part I


All my closest friends know that Madonna is my favourite artiste of all time. I remember how my love for her began. Wanna hear the story???? No???? Well, guess what? This is my blog and you’re gonna hear it so sit down, grab a cup of Java and enjoy!

I was 11 years old and in the 8th Grade (or what we call 2nd Form in Jamaica) in High School. We had a new music teacher aka Mr. B who thought that he needed to breathe life into the Music Class. For those who went to CMA would know that no one went to Music Class, sort of the bird course that you pass whether you go or not. Well, Mr. B decided to put an end to this charade. In his attept to do this, he introduced a Music Festival. What this entailed was each person in the class would choose a song to sing. He would then grade us based on our performance and all those who got a B or above would be in the finals of the Music Festival which would be an performance event in front of the entire school population who decided to attend. Yeah, major stuff!

I sang Whitney Houston’s “One Moment In Time” for my in class song and was given a grade of A-! Whoopee!!! This meant I would be one of the finalists! You can imagine my excitement! I now had the task of choosing a song to sing in the finals. I didn’t want to sing the same song, as quite frankly I didn’t think it gave me an opportunity to display my real singing talent. So, with this in mind, I selected my finalist song.

Are you ready for this ??

Take a sip of your coffee!!

I selected …………………………………….

“Superwoman” by Karyn White

Having chosen this song, I had about 1 month before the competition to rehearse and work on my dynamics etc. in an effort to win the grand prize of a “Gift Voucher Valued at J$100”. Don’t scoff!!! That was a fortune to an 11 year old at that time!

The fateful day arrived. I watched as other contestants went up and sang their tunes. I heard no one who could match my talent. Up to more than 1/2 way in the competition, I still had not seen a display of talent that could outdo my well rehearsed rendition of “Superwoman”. I did my performance and it went very well. I got a lot of cheers from the audience, boosting my confidence, helping me to perform so much better.

Then …………………………. “Ms. Jade” took the stage. Miss Jade was your typical rich kid in high school. She was fair, had long hair and had all the makings of a performer.

She stood there with the mike in her hand, and she started snapping her fingers. As she started to sing a rendition of her chosen song, it was the most beautiful sound I had heard all day … yeah, I actually thought that she was better than me!!! I watched in awe as I listened to this songstress. She has a beautiful singing voice and she looked so effortless in her performance, so natural, so cool, so calm, so collected. I thought, “this bitch can beat me!”.

The performances continued and with all the other performances, I saw no one else that sounded even close to this girl and better than me. My friend at the time who had also made it to the finals and her performance was also good.

When all the performances were complete, my prediction was that Ms. Jade would be 1st, I would be 2nd and my friend would be 3rd. And I was right. Instead of winning the whopping J$100 gift certificate, I had to settle for 2nd prize of a $50 gift certificate. There were no hard feelings in my heart as I knew she deserved it. This was where my obsession with Madonna began.

So …. What song did she sing????? Click Here!


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