“Know From Afar” – What an Honour!!


Who knew that when I started this blog in June, that I would still be at it in November? Not even I knew and it demonstrates my theme, “Patience Is A Virtue”. Also, when I started, didn’t think that more than 2 people would actually view my rantings, ramblings and ravings about the world, my life, etc.

Now, I’m on the “Know From Afar” listing on Peter M.’s blog and I feel honoured. Am I being silly? It’s just a blog for crying out loud! Well, it’s a big deal to me since I viewed this blog initially as just a new phase that would eventually pass when I got bored. That day hasn’t come yet, and until it does, I’ll be around.

So, this blog goes out to Peter. Thanks for reading and for finding my comments and my blog worthy of being added to your “Know From Afar” list!!



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