Extreme Torture


I arrived in the British Virgin Islands last night after a 4 hour delay in Antigua. Talk about tired … that was me. In addition to this, I was not able to communicate with my significant other for this time. I hate being away from home and away from him so that is the source of my extreme sadness and torture!

I will be away for 4 weeks on behalf of my company. I travel quite often on behalf of my company usually anywhere between 3 days and 2 weeks. This is the first time I’m asked to be away for 4 weeks minimum … and from the looks of things … I’d better start singing Christmas Carols!

I’m totally devastated. The thought of being away from the comforts of home and the security of my baby’s arms, is not one that is welcomed at all. The travel has its benefits in that it pays more for me to be here and I get a chance to be seen and heard within my company. I’ve done that already, hence my selection out of a region of 15 countries to go to various islands to work in one capacity or another. This trip is to provide relief and training to a new recruit into my line of work.

Nonetheless, I’m saddened by the distance. It is said it makes the heart grow fonder and the other wander …. I’m hoping that in my case it is the former. In addition, it costs US$2.00 to call home and I’m pretty sure I must have done all my money on phone calls already which is quite tragic. It’s difficult and quite challenging to make the transition from being able to pick up the phone and call your partner at anytime of the day for anything, big or small, just to say Hi or I love you or to make sure they are ok. It is hard for me, very, very hard.

I’ll continue to make desperate attempts to not get depressed. BVI is not a happening island, there’s not much to do here and the cable at my hotel sucks big time. I however have 2 novels I took with me so at least I have that and my laptop!

Keep me company guys. I have to make an empassioned plea for you all (except Steverino) to post regularly to your blogs so that I may not die of boredom … PLEASE … I BEG OF YOU!!!


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  1. Ok,

    I will start a P.I.V.(Patience is a Virtue) phone-talk-to-BF-relief fund…..Gotta walk the street and get donations now, so get back to you later, maybe Monday, if car don’t run mi off di road. May even have to go into fancy establshments and get more money. Maybe even the Jamaican consulate here (Good luck there for money!), but try, I shall…..


    p.s.- relief fund better up here, caw yuh get di money inna di right currency immediately, no bank or cambio to change it out! $2 a nuff money……

  2. Howdy CoolDestiny, this is the AngryDog, coming to you live and direct from Little Big City, USA. Jamaican by birth, scholar by choice, pauper by career decision :). Anyhow, I saw your comment on Dr. D’s blog, so I decided to drop you a little comment to welcome you into our rapidly-growing circle. BTW, I think more of the bloggers in the Caribbean blog community will comment on your blog if you allow anonymous comments, seeing as how many of them don’t have blogger (or affilated) user accounts.

    Anyhow, I hear what you saying loud and clear re: being away from the one you love in the Christmas, but fret not thy young heart, all will work itself out and you and you genklman friend will be nice and irie fi di chrismus!


  3. Hail up from Mad Bull. Yours seems to be an interesting blog. Like Angry Dog, I too am Jamaican, and I just dropped by to say Hi. 🙂 Doh worry, tings will work out, tell your guy to visit. Also, I recommend you allow anonymous comments too… TTYL.

  4. Ok ok … I will allow the anonymity of comments! You happy? Your blog was also mentioned Mad Bull but at one point I wasn’t sure if they were talking about 2 different people. Now I do.

    Too expensive to visit. The ticket alone is US$700!!!

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