After I stopped feeling sorry for myself (sort of) and decided that I might as well try to overcome this depression that I feel coming over me like a fog in the night, I took a shower, got dressed and decided to go on an exploration of this island of Tortola. For those who may not know, BVI is a group of over 50 islands, the main of these being Tortola and Virgin Gorda. A friend of mine said to me when I was leaving that when I return to Jamaica, I should either be British or a Virgin …. I know which one I won’t be …

Anyway, I put my clothes on and stepped out into the unknown. I walked to the end of the road, looked left, looked right and decided to go left. I found myself on the Marina which is a part of the crap of a hotel I’m staying (more on this later) and I walked on the dock, admiring the yachts and saying that I will own one of these things before I die. Then, I saw a semblance of a mall to the left of the Marina so I ventured in that direction. Nothing … Insurance Companies and 1 souvenir/gift shop! What kind of a mall is that???? The souvenir shop … just like every other in the Caribbean (almost), nothing worth even looking at. As I stepped out of this establishment, I now ventured right and then ……………………

It starts to rain! Fuck!! I finally decide that I might as well find something better to do than stay in the hotel room, sleep, watch TV, eat, shit, whatever … and the fucking rain!!
I’m so pissed. It rained, and rained, and rained, I had to walk back to the hotel in the rain! And then ….

Sneezing, sneezing, sneezing. I hope to God I don’t get sick. That I can’t deal with for sure.

What next????


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  1. You nuh done know the #1 Jamaican home remedy for preventing colds after walking in the rain? Pat down you head and chest with some goold old Wray and Nephew white rum! Don’t forget to drink a little bit for good measure as well.


  2. Ok the P.I.V.(Patience is a Virtue) phone-talk-to-BF-relief fund is coming along well, I just hope I dont have to convert it to the P.I.V.(Patience is a Virtue) have-to-go-to-hospital-for-pneumonia-relief fund!

    Please take care of yourself..a wrap it up….


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