When I get Rich ….


I have always thought about what ridiculous toy I would get if I were to become filthy stinkin’ rich. With my visit to BVI, the “Sailing Capital of the World” as it is called, I am now leaning towards a Yacht.

Background. The British Virgin Islands is a group of approximately 50 islands. The most popular of these are Tortola (where I am), Virgin Gorda and Anegada. As you can appreciate, Tortola is quite small, the expanse of the island can be covered in 1 hr’s drive. So, putting things in perspective, it is more realistic to have a boat here than a car. They have ferrys similar to our own Port Royal ferry in Jamaica to take you from island to island as required.

Yesterday morning, I met a gentleman, Bill, who had just completed the Caribbean 500 sail from Virgina. He placed 2nd and was quite happy about that. He explained that the Caribbean 500 is an annual sail that takes place this time of year. It has 2 categories, Rally Sailing and Cruise Sailing. All this is mumbo jumbo but, the hotel I am staying at also has a Marina with a dock that holds close to 100 yachts that I have seen since I’ve been here. Yachts of various sizes, shapes, colours and types have come in to the dock each day. I was particularly impressed with one called the “Contraria”. It is the largest yacht I’ve seen to date. Firstly, I thought, what could lead to the choice of such a name. The boat is blue and white, the “Contraria” written in gold, white and blue sails and a union jack flying from it. The boat looked similar to that in Jay Z’s “Big Pimpin” music video. I can just picture these people on the sail having a party on board, making mad love on the high seas and just enjoying a lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Apart from the thrill of a race, I am a particular lover of water (although I have a fear of drowning) and without a doubt would enjoy the adventure of sailing from port to port, breathing in the sea breeze, having the water splash in my face from time to time, enjoying the view of passing various islands and reefs … and ….. Making Passionate love to the sounds of the waves beating against my boat’s bow.

So … my decision is made. When I become a Multi-Billionaire/Millionaire, I won’t be wasting my money on clothes and Jewellery …. Well, maybe some Jewellery. But I will definitely be investing in my very own Yacht. I think I’ll call her …. Cool Destiny!


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  1. I like the name for the yacht!

    I have a slight fear (much improved) of being out on vessels in the sea…but the thought of the lovemaking now….may just make me change my mind. Dr. D.

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