A Virtuous Woman


Following on my previous post, the vintage Housekeeping Monthly article raised some questions in my mind. How are women/wives viewed in relationships in the 21st century?

It seems long gone are the days that women were thought of as property, designed solely for the purpose of housekeeping, child bearing, child rearing, providing sexual gratification and all other needs to her husband. With women’s liberation a reality, what is a real woman and what is her purpose?

I will attempt to answer question 1 in a nutshell. A real woman: A female specie of virtue (def.: high caliber, good worth, good value, desirable quality), who knows who she is and doesn’t compromise it, independent without being over-bearing, genuine in character, strong, a provider, a friend. Some readers may not agree with this statement in its entirety or minutely. However, when you put it into perspective, think outside the box, look at the bigger picture, then you will agree that there is a whole lot of truth to my statement. A woman’s purpose is many and varied now a days. No longer are we simply expected to bear children, rear children, cook, clean, wash, iron and provide sexual gratification. Women are now home makers, corporate executives and contributors to society all at the same time.

What irks me now-a-days are these “women” who feel it necessary to cheapen their existence by stooping to levels lower than the deepest seas. The old phrase “A women can’t do what a man does and still be a lady” no longer seems to phase the female population as they are doing all that men were previously accused of and more. It is almost commonplace for women to have more than one male companion satisfying every need – one for money, one to take them out on the town, one to pay bills, one to maintain their physical image, a tiger in bed, and the list can go on and on depending on what the female sets as her goal. It seems as if every other women now a days is engaged in more than one relationship.

An acquaintance of mine said the other day that she wanted to talk to me to get some advice (yeah, I’m a counselor). I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to her yet but found out from a mutual friend that she’s cheating on her current boyfriend, with a married man. She loves BF #1, but BF #2 has everything she has been looking for in a man. She doesn’t want to break it off with BF #1 because he might get violent and she’s waiting for them to have an argument so that they can break up.

Another acquaintance of mine said and I try to quote:

“A my house mi a defen’ inna 2005. Whateva mi haffi do fi get it, a dat a go gwaan. Mi want a money man. Him nuh even haffi bi mine. Jus as long as di money a run, mi alright”.

Now, this is only 2 people that I know and without a doubt there are many others like that out there.

Every man needs a woman, a good woman to stand beside them. No man or woman is complete until he has found that one person who fulfils his every need. Should that dream be thrown away? Is their virtue worth the material gain they will experience? What of the Virtuous Woman that Warrior King sings about? How many of them are there left in the world?

I know of at least one … 🙂

More time.


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  1. Maybe I’m fool hardy to vouch for anybody in this day and age but I believe that that is what is called for if you are committed and have some committed to you. I have no doubt that my wife is as devoted and committed to me as I am to her. So that makes two women and one man at least.
    What worries me is that our young girls are being raise to believe that this type of behaviour is acceptable. Sad to say but times have changed and we are seeing signs of the times.

    Good post.

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