I Love Advertisements!


How weird must a person be to actually prefer commercials to watching whatever TV Show is on? I love advertisements. My love for advertisements is something that started when I was a child. On numerous occasions my parents have told me of advertisements I loved as a child. One of them was an advertisement for a stout (forget the name right now) but the slogan was “Power in a McKeson Stout”. I would dance in front of the TV and sing along to the jingle … all when I was only 2 years old. That love for advertisements has grown with me to this day. I am one you will hear singing the commercials out loud or singing along with them when they air on radio or TV. As a career goal, I want to work in the field of Advertising.

Now, Christmas is always a time when companies go all out for their commercials. I must say at this point that I have always found local ads to be quite atrocious. Although they have a “Jamaican Flavour”, I personally don’t find them as creative as they can be or effective as they should be. In more recent times, there have been attempts to improve on the quality of local advertisements. However, I still think they leave much to be desired and that is a motivator for me to become the pioneer of local ads someday.
So I speak primarily of ads seen on Cable TV. One of my favourite ads so far this Christmas is the Old Navy commercials that mimic the Christmas carol “Jingle Bells”. I just find them to be so witty, to the point and really aim at reaching the appropriate audience, which is the purpose of an Advertisement. I’ve seen 2 so far, one for the Performance Fleece ($15.00 up) and Old Navy Sweaters …

Some of my favourite ads are: Capital One, Your Credit Card company (Identity theft), Orbit Sugar Free Gum, DiscoverCard, MasterCard, VISA, Elidel, Progressive. My list could go on and on and on.

When I grow up (smile) I want to be an Advertising Executive. Any influential people at prestigious Marketing/Advertising firms reading this blog and would like to hire me???


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  1. I won’t knock you, I still pay a lot of attention to the ads as well. I watch a lot of cable so I am more familiar with the foreign ones. I love the new BMW one.

    Good luck on your dreams. One of our longest running ads is the Andrew’s salts. “…too much party last night…”

  2. How could I forget “The Ultimate Driving Machine” … I love the ad and the car. As I said, my list could go on and on and on. I just love ads especially the good ones. I like a few silly ones too.

  3. I don’t like most commercials, but from time to time, mostly around Super Bowl time, they come out with some great ones. I actually like watching the commercials on British and European TV. Much more entertaining.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Stu … and Welcome!

    I also make it a point of duty to take in the Super Bowl ads and I do agree with you – British and European ads are the best!

  5. I do agree with Stu still, most ads in the US pretty much suck. I usually look forward to SuperBowl ads myself, though last year they weren’t so hot at all…hopefully next year it will be better. If you like ads, check out

    This is an ad that Honda did in Britain…note that no comptuer animation was used in the creation of this ad!!


  6. Actually, I quite like the American ads myself, I think they are great. My favourite one from yard was this one with a Star boy who used to save at NCB. They used a real star boy for the ad too. Twas pretty good still. I also knew the Star boy for real. I knew him and his father. Don’t know what became of him. I must check it out still…

    Mad Bull

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