Priorities change in our life based on its events.

No comments on the “controversial” blogs. Did I step on some corns or are they just not “comment worthy”?? I like confrontation and controversy.

10 Days To Go!!!

More Time.


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  1. Hey Cool Destiny,
    I like controversy too, but sometimes it’s not polite to talk about religion & politics etc. Sometimes I’m all for big discussions about important things, and sometimes I just want to hear about how someone’s day went.

    What’s in 10 days?


  2. There are some blogs that just talk about politics or politically related topics or focus on “causes”. I tend to not read them. They get boring after a while. I like variety.

  3. Hi CoolDestiny, I like a good healthy discussion but if I’m unfamiliar with the topics I leave them alone. Sometimes I’m not in the he said she said mood either but….and sometimes you have said it all. As a rule though I tend to shy away from politics and religion as these are personal perspectives. I will hear you but don’t hear you if you know what I mean. When I do post about either I try to be as general as possible since each denomination or party has a particular slant to seemingly innocent topics.

  4. Points taken gentlemen. I don’t write about those things as you would have noticed. But now that I know your stance, I’ll get used to it.–>

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