Happy Yuletide


Well, it is that time of year again.

First of all, let me say that most of the people who “know” me, will tell you that this is my least favourite time of the year. Having been brought up in a 7th Day adventist home, the excitement surrounding Christmas was never present. However, as an adult, I still find the celebration of Christmas to be so pagan that I’m happy to not be caught up in the whirlwind fanfare of this Yuletide season.

However, my significant other loves Christmas! Preparations and plans for this time of year start from early November. With me being away for so long, it put a damper on things somewhat since I’m a very important part of his Christmas. I find myself now since I’ve been with him that I am indulging in some aspects of the celebration. This will be our 4th Christmas together and it is one of the most special times we share.

I am very opposed to the paganistic behaviour of some members of society who just see this as a time to take advantage and exploit every situation to the fullest. Merchants who increase their prices to astronomical level (I blame us shoppers for falling into the trap every single year), the scams to swindle people out of their christmas money (some who don’t have much to begin with) among other activities that make the holiday commercialized and disgusting.

Neverless, since I will spend Christmas away from my home (since there really isn’t any Christmas there), I intned to enjoy it to the max. I think I am now getting in to the Spirit of Christmas on a simple level (you all should know I’m all about simplicity).

Happy Yuletide to each and every one. Remember CHRISTmas for what it is supposed to represent.

Merry Christmas guys!!


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  1. CD, thanks for stopping by my blog. Christmas is whatever you make it. I agree that Christmas has become very commercialized. I guess I’m OK with that too because like you, I never really attached any spiritual or religrous significance to Christmas Day. Even when I was a practicing Christian, my church was very conservative and although they clearly acknowledged Christ, it never says anywhere in the Bible that Dec 25th was the day of his birth. As such, we celebrated every day as the day of his birth by trying to live like he would.

    So, I took Christmas for what it turned into for many, and that being, a time to take off work, to be with family, to exchange gifts, to see family we sometimes don’t get to see etc. It is a special time of the year for us.

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