People who are unreliable annoy the hell out of me.

Does anyone have a “friend” who you can never count on to do anything? I mean, nothing at all.

It’s always “Yeah man, mi ago deal wid dat fi yu man, mi jus busy, yu know di vibes”.

I think… correction: I am a reliable person, one that any friend can depend on. I know how important it is to live up to someone’ s expectations no matter how small. One of the worst things in life is disappointment. I have taken an approach of “every disappointment is for a good” but it doesn’t detract from the feeling of emptiness that one feels when they are disappointed.

Just wanted to get that off my chest.

More time.


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  1. I’m with you on that one. I bet unreliable even bother other unreliable people! We had a friend (not for too long because he annoyed us so much), he way ALWAYS, and I do mean ALWAYS 30 minutes late. So for kicks, one day we decided to just tell him to meet us 30 minutes prior to when we planned to arrive. Well as it turns out, that day was the day when we move the clocks ahead. As usual, he was 30 minutes late, but we ended up being 30 minutes AFTER him since we forgot about the time change. You should have seen how annoyed he was at us for being 30 minute late. That pretty much did it for me. We stopped hanging out with him.

  2. Don’t like unreliable people myself and I think I’m reliable and very loyal to my family and friends.

    Saw your comment at my site today. No, I’m not a GP, I’m a Dermatologist. I’m not too much into giving medical opinions on the net, nothing beats seeing a patient properly. But, if you wish, you can ask your question and if I think I can come up with a reasonable reply, I will do so. Happy New Year when it arrives. Dr. D.

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