Good Man Vs Good Woman


Jan. 15, 2005

There was an article one of our local newspapers today … 2 actually, an editorial making reverence to a letter written by someone about “Good Men Hard To Find”. The other article which was the one that caught my attention was one that talked about how Jamaican men living in the U.S.A. have basically written off Jamaican women and have now sought to make their home with other nationals entitled, “Give Me The Yankee Woman over the Jamaican”. One man said: “Dem coulda pretty like money, me a stay far from dem”.

I find such a statement so sad after reading the article. These men had bad experiences with Jamaican women with whom they were involved and as a result stereotyped ALL other Jamaican women as a result. Now, I know that there are many “women” out there who do some very questionable things, and giving the good women a bad rap. It is also quite sad that these men have chosen to copulate with other races; but I guess with what they went through, it is easy to understand why they made such a decision.

I don’t think many women read my blog but if there are any who come across my ramblings, I implore you to hold your head up high, and live the life of a true woman, one that every man who wants a satisfying and fulfilling relationship will want to be with.


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  1. That’s so unreal…Of all of the Jamaican men I know up here now, none of them want a Yankee, and by Yankee we mean black American. They can’t stand them for they’re vicious, and beyond money and material greedy. I find that that article touched on a subject thats’s sensitive, and oh, at least for me, Jamiacan men are a must, no Yanks here either. they’re so raw, and ghetto and just don’t get it. Can’t stomach them!

    Plus. Please dont forget the real and maybe only reason why a Yankee girl can be stomached by a Yardie! Green Card anyone!!! Its the reality. Another vice versa too.


  2. Actually I read that article and I got the impression that most of the Jamaican men had relationships with white women. Anyway, Sharon Leach wrote an answer to these man that you should read… I agreed with her.

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