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This past weekend, I had a most traumatic experience with a friend of mine from College. He is mentally unstable after a series of unfortunate events (like Lemony Snicket). After having his heart broken by a girl he was totally in love with, he attempted to commit suicide by jumping off a building. He didn’t die but severely damaged his cranium which apparently didn’t heal properly, thus contributing to his dillusional state of mind. Shortly after this experience, he became a Christian … a fanatical one though. We all continued to try to be his friend however, he has not gotten to the point of complete dillusion, denial and erratic behaviour. He refuses to go to the hospital, refuses to take his medication and is behaving in a manner that has me very concerned for his life and his mother’s. I personally believe that his mother has contributed somewhat to the deterioration of his condition and I wonder how can a mother sit by and watch her own flesh and blood become helpless, almost a non-entity. I also managed to make contact with some other mutual friends who said that they hadn’t spoken to him in over 3 months because his conversations were incoherent and he just refused to admit or accept that he had a problem. I truly would like to offer some help but am not willing to put my life and the people I love in danger. I had to block his number from calling me as he was calling me every 5 minutes and at odd hours in the morning, saying things I just didn’t understand and didn’t know how to respond to.

Does anyone have any advice to offer??? I want to help at least at a distance.


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  1. CD, I don’t know what to advise. You are in a Catch 22. If you are a church person I would suggest that you discuss it with a pastor/counsellor to get an objective perspective as well as a possible course of action.

    The lady next door was in a similar situation and recently she just had to call the police because the guy got violent. They took the boy to the hospital I think.

    It’s hard to help from afar but hard to get up close. Good luck.

  2. This kind of thing does seem to happen a lot in Jamaica, doesn’t it? Tell me, did this boy smoke ganja? Most of the guys that go off like this seem to have used ganja, from what I have observed. Tuff love is what is needed. If this woman has a helper’s room at thehouse, that is where this boy must sleep, and the woman must have something heavy around to lick him with at all times, so as to keep him off till the police arrive in the event of him flipping out. That is my suggestion.

  3. Carry him to hospital. Call the Police. Get male relatives to assist in taking him to hospital. Mentally unstable people can do all manner of horrible things and will harm those close to them.

    Mad Bull’s suggestion of having thigs to ‘lick him wid’ won’t solve any problem, though she may need to protect herself. Unfortunately, medication and psychotherapy may well be the way to go. Dr. D.

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