Nothing to Do But Play


Well, today was the first of my 3 weeks vacation and I can’t believe that I’m actually gonna say this but …. I missed the office today!!!

I called the office today and my co-worker actually said, “Hold on let me get a pen and paper cause I know you are calling me with some instructions.”

I said, “Actually no, I was just checking if you are ok” … to which she said she was.

I didn’t have much to do today at all and spent the day exercising, sleeping, working on a personal project, went to the hair dresser … (Yeah, I’m looking kinda hot today!) … :-), and watching TV. Is that pathetic or what? I have all this time on my hands and nothing to do. I will have to do something about this pronto. I think I’ll go and get an aromatherapy massage! That should do me some good!!!


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  1. Hmmm, sounds like the typical working person syndrome, i.e. you’re so busy at work that when you’re not busy it feels wrong–happens to me every vacation :). Enjoy the vacation as much as you can still, for when the 3 weeks are up, you will surely be bawling because you have to go back to work!

  2. Sometimes nothing to do is a good thing CD. Have some fun, rest relax. You are sounding like a work-a-holic. The aroma thing sound like a plan.

  3. Drive down to Ocho Rios and hang out at Margueritaville, have a cocktail, slide down the water slide into the pool, get a tan, get a room for the night and drive back into the city the next day… spontaneous and have fun. You deserve it.

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