Fun Stuff


It’s full time I stop stealing things from blogs but some of the things I come across are just so fun!! Thanks Amanda for this little tidbit!!

Choose a musical artist/band and answer only in their song titles: MADONNA

Are you male or female? CANDY PERFUME GIRL
Describe yourself: AMAZING
How do some people feel about you? RAY OF LIGHT
How do you feel about yourself? LUCKY STAR
Describe your ex-boyfriend/ex-husband: BYE BYE BABY
Describe your current boyfriend/husband: INSIDE OF ME/CRAZY FOR YOU
Describe what you want to be: DEEPER AND DEEPER
Describe your current mood: HOLIDAY
Describe your friends: VOGUE
Share a few words of wisdom: LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND


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  1. I can’t take the credit since I got the idea from Matt ( who probably got the idea from someone else.

    It’s fun anyways!


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