I’m Back


Well, I’m back. Have been since Sunday but was afflicted with the flu bug which totally knocked me off my feet. I had a wonderful weekend! I got a lot of much needed relaxation, even more loving and I am pleased. My plans went well and were appreciated by my significant other … so all in all … it went according to plan. Hhhhmmm …

Just to let y’all know that I’m still on the face of the earth and counting down the final days of my vacation …. man … I could get used to this life. It did get nerve-racking at times with nothing to do but for the most part, I think I could get used to living a life of pure, casual, enjoyment! Getting up whenever I want, doing whatever I want, whenever I want as fast or as slow as I want … nothing better than being in control of your life!!! Oh well … I will just have to settle with continuning to do the work of my employer and hope that one day soon I’ll be able to be my own boss at which time I can set my own pace.

More later.

PS. Somehow I’m not surprised that everyone wants to hear about my weekend. Some things I view as sacred and extremely personal that I wouldn’t share … these include times shared with my boo. Sorry to disappoint those so eager to hear of my love tryst … I’m sure you can come up with something else … !!!


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  1. Being on permeant vacation is great for a while then you need something to do. The good part is that you can choose what and when you do it.

    Being your own boss, now that can be great. My son has his own business and mostly works twelve hour days – and he loves it. However, he does make sure to take time to play.


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