Care: watchful or protective attention, caution, concern, prudence, or regard usually towards an action or situation

I found this definition aptly appropriate. When you care for someone, what does this mean? I think I am a very caring person. Sometimes, I think I care too much. I just hate to see people in need or hurting and not have this inate desire to help. Things and times have changed so much. In times gone by, everyone looked out for everyone. People who lived in a community all knew each other and lent a helping hand whenever they could. People were not as selfish as they are now. It is so bad that people now-a-days seem to turn a blind eye to persons in need. I think I read in the paper a few weeks ago about a young lady who was being attacked on Barbican Road and persons in their car and pedestrians, just continued on their way without rendering some assistance to her. The victim was quite upset and proceeded to chastise these persons seeing her being attacked and doing nothing about it. She then stated that people’s response was that they thought it was a domestic matter – her and her partner/lover having a quarrel on the street – and as such didn’t get involved. Now, it is always said that “cockroach nuh business inna foul fight” … and times are so serious now that you could end up being a victim of injury or dead in an effort to help. Does this mean that we will continue to be our own keeper, not concerning ourselves with our brothers and sisters?

Maybe, I need a wake up call or something but I just don’t think that this kind of behaviour is right. I guess I can talk as I’ve never been in a situation such as the young lady I mentioned above to provide assistance in that manner, and who knows, probably I would turn my eye the other way too, at least after looking on to see if I could help.

We have truly become a selfish nation … sad but true. Is there hope for us?


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  1. True we have become less caring. I often wonder if it is as a result of our close association with bigger countries but then I think we need to take responsibility for what we do as a people. Where there is life there is hope CD. I feel heartened that I have people on my road who still say good morning although you really don’t know them and people like the truck man that stopped to give me a jump start the other morning not once but three times in traffic.

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