Bit By A Bug


I have been battling the draining of my sinuses since Monday. Thought I had it all under control … only to realize on Thursday night that I may have now been afflicted with an ear infection in both ears I might add since I was having difficulty hearing. OMG!!! I’m going deaf!! I went to the doc this morning since I decided to give it a little time to wear off but it just won’t go away. So I’m now burdened with the task of putting these annoying drops in my ears to clear out the build up there … and then I’ll have to go back to the doctor to have my ears syringed. I have never had this done before but he said it would not be painful especially since I’ll be using the drops to disintegrate what is in there now.

So, I’m hoping that all this will be all cleared up in time for my undesirable return to work on Tuesday. Yeah, the vacation is over – well spent – but over much to my distress. I am also returning to work with added responsibilities of managing the domain for a while. I am looking forward to the experience and am happy to add another accomplishment at my company that I can add to my profile … development is wonderful!!

There are still a few hours left in the weekend so enjoy to the fullest!


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