A Few Good Men et al


I checked my profile today and realized that for some strange, odd reason, A Few Good Men was not listed as one of my favourite movies … I can not explain how this travesty took place. I did say there were too many to name them all but I absolutely love that movie. No, no, no, it has nothing to do with the fact that Tom Cruise is in it but because of the events that took place in the court room. I love court scenes. I am particularly fascinated by the laws that seem to govern people in the service. It’s like they have their own justice system, which by any extension of the imagination, seems to be more intimidating and far more strict that those imposed on civilians (maybe not so much for us in Jamaica since our justice system leaves much to be desired … one can only dream).

One thing that always grabs me about this movie is the “politics” that form the part of every organization. Whether we want to believe it or not, there is some level of “politics” even in our family – the way situations are handled, the way things are said, there is always some diplomacy or politically correct way to deal with things. I think that for this reason alone, I have no hunger to seeek positions of power because with great power, comes great politics. Oh, I would love to be the CEO or Managing Director of a company but would love if it didn’t come with the accepted pre-determined behaviours. It’s like because you are a “big manager” or hold some “big position” at a company, you are not expected to display certain behaviours. There was a manager at my company, a very big manager not based here. But if you saw him outside of work, you would think he was a common criminal or some blue collar worker. He just looked normal and people used to frown on it saying that he’s not portraying the image of a manager. It’s almost like you are forced to give up your identity just because of the position you hold in society.

Mi caan deal wid dat. I must be able to wear my jeans and flip flops with a bandana tied on my head if that is how I feel comfortable outside of work regardless of my position. Am I not getting it? Am I wrong for thinking like this?


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