A Mother’s Love Pt. III


My father came to me yesterday and said my mother said some stuff to him yesterday and he can’t understand. My boyfriend was there with me at the time and the 3 of us were talking again about the situation between myself and her. They both asked … begged … implored me to talk to her. Because these are the 2 most important people in my life, I reluctantly agreed to at least make an attempt to hear what she has to say. I told them that I’m through talking and that I’m initiating this communication purely to hear what she has to say. They said, no I should talk and listen as well. I said OK.

So, in the evening daddy left and we were here alone and I approached her and proceeded to talk, asking her about what daddy said this morning. It turned out to be very emotional and I spoke freely (yeah yeah, I ended up talking too) about my feelings and although she wanted me to get into details and listing of all the things I talked about in a general sense, I told her that I wasn’t going to rehash the past. I spoke of 2 incidents, 1 of which she brought up but claimed she didn’t remember the whole story about (don’t worry, I reminded her which of course she denied but there was no denying it) and another which was sort of the last straw in the huge pile of straws I have dealt with in the past. She actually apologized to me, we cried, and we ended on the note that now that the air is somewhat clear, we will see how things go from here on.

We have had an amazing, incredible, mind boggling, chart topping 2 conversations today!!! That’s a big step from 0.

Let’s see how this progresses. Thanks to all for your support on this issue. I guess there is still hope yet.


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  1. CD, that is absolutely amazing to hear. Myself and my mom went through out shitty phase as you remember, but nothing like what you have gone through. My wish for you is that you can both find a common ground where a friendship can begin. That will be the start of something great! I wish you all the best hon… and it was great that you opened up- I know that is that hardest part when you are protecting yourself or are tired of the same result! (Trust me, I KNOW) But you tried! And that is wonderful in itself You have two strong men in your life who only want the best for you. I’m glad you listened to them. (I wanna know what your dad told you!!!! holla at me later!!!)

    Lady Serendipity

  2. Breathe Chica…that was a great breathe of fresh air…and even greater release. I’m very glad this happened, am eager to see what more good can happen.


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