Well, what can I say. I was almost beginning to think that I will have to give up this blog since I returned to work! I have not had the time to read or write blogs and I’m so pissed! I see that I was missed by at least 1 person … thanks Mad Bull 🙂 …

Since returning to work, I’ve been working myself to the bone. Long hours, stress, I have just been going and going and going. The only thing that hasn’t suffered as a result of this … and I’m happy to report … is that I have still been going to the gym consistently 4 days a week! I am already reaping the benefits and no there’s no turning back for me anytime soon.

A lot has been happening in the lives of my friends and in the world. So … here goes:

I must publicly say congratulations to one of my dearest friends, “Regular Girl” who gave birth to her baby girl on March 19! Your wonderful journey of motherhood has begun and I know you will enjoy the ride!

I followed the Terry Shaivo saga on the airwaves almost every day for the last 13 days of her life and thought it to be so sad that someone would have to live their last days in a “persistent vegetative state”. I can say though that it has really pointed me in the direction of writing a “Living will”. As morbid as this may sound, I have already documented what I would like to take place at the time of my death. I think I did this when I was about 16 or 17. People thought I was strange but I have accepted death and taxes as the only 2 things in life that no one will escape. I may need to add my “living will” to that document. For the lawyers though, do I need to have this witnessed or notarized or signed by a JP or something for it to be considered a legal document??? I hope not cause I don’t intend to shell out a cent doing that. It will just have to do. They can compare hand writings to make sure I was the one who wrote it. That’s as much as I will do. Amidst this tragedy, comedians still had a field day. Last night I was suffering from “Insomnia” and was watching South Park who had an episode where Kenny died and was in a persistent vegetative state. I found it so hilarious. It was really funny.

Anyhow, moving right along – Pope John Paul II has died. May his soul rest in peace.

As for me, I’m just letting you know that I haven’t given up the blog thing. I’ve just been so busy but I think now that I’ve gotten the ball rolling again, I shant be away for this long again.

More time.


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  1. Make that at least 2. Been checking every day. and twice on Sundays 🙂 Glad to know you are OK. Congrats to Regular Girl. Take care.

  2. Wellcome back. I have missed you. Glad to hear that the gym trips have been good for you. And how dare work get in the way of blogging. 🙂

  3. i’ve never actually put up ne comments..but i really like yer blogs and am glad ta see you after a long time..happy blogggin’!

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