A Love Affair


I have ceased to try to comprehend the love affair that exists between a man and his car! It is truly amazing to see the amount of time an dmoney spent on this gigantic piece of metal. For some, I understand it is a hobby. For others, it is nothing short of an obsession. I admit to being one who loves to see car that is blingin’. It is a pleasant site to see that nice car with rims, spoiler/wing, big broad tires, front spoiler or lip as it is called, turbo kit, graphics, neatly lowered, decent paint job, accessorized, blah blah blah! My other half has a car that is absolutely wonderful to look at. It has all the amenities of a “bashy” car or a “bad car” as it is called in the racing fraternity. It is quite fast too!

I’m ok as long as the ride doesn’t come before me in any way – time or money wise. When I listen to guys talk about their car and what they are going to do with it to make it look better and go faster … I rememeber an article that was in a Auto Hype magazine where it said that men between the ages of 23 and 35 (I believe) all prefered to spend their money fixing up their ride with no desire to own a home of their own. What is it saying about your men? For women who are seeking a life partner within this age group may need to start looking at the older end of the stick as the men we desire seem fixated on owning and maintaining an asset that will do nothing (much) for their wellbeing.

What do we do?


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