There are so many things happening in our little corner of the world and in other parts as well. So, I will just give snippets (is that a real word???) on each of interest to me:

Pope Benedict XVI (that’s 16 for the roman arithmetically challenged)

A new pope has finally been elected. Some locals have been discussing the fact that the new Pope is 78 years old. My take on it is that it allows for more transition in the Catholic church in not having 1 person reign for 30 or 40 years. The possible benefit to be gained from this is the breath of new life into Catholicism by the changing of the times, without compromising the doctrines and standards of the Catholic church.

Increase in GCT

How could they do this to us? We already severely overtaxed in this country and now we will have to pay out more out of our hard earned money to go into the government/politician’s coffers. What of all the over-spending that has been mentioned in the media recently? The granting of contracts without tender? Billions of dollars that have “slipped through the cracks” with no accountability whatsoever? It irks me … as a matter of fact … it pisses me the hell off. What of ALL the taxes we pay that are not going into the development of essential services and for making our country a better place to live? I wish we as a people would take a stand to these injustices that plague us. For too long, we have sat back and taken all that is dished out to us saying we have no choice. We victims of state extortion in my opinion and it is only getting worse every day. When politicians can get an increase in salary of almost 400% while at the same time signing a MOA with Civil Servants saying that their salaries will not increase by more than 3% for the next 3 years, is an injustice to the system, particularly with the increase in GCT. I’m so pissed! Can you tell!!! I’m moving to Switzerland.

Gym Trips

I am still making my weekly trips to the gym and feeling great. I have purposely stayed away from the scale and should be weighing in at the end of this month! I am seeing and feeling the difference already so I’m still on the path of fitness!

Hope everything is going well with you. Catch up with you soon.


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  1. Hi CD, and don’t forget the spending of millions on the expensive cars (BMW’s and Prado’s) some of which are for the benefit of the girlfriends. All courtesy of tax dollars.
    It is a shame and disgrace.

  2. You guys need to agitate for what you want! Lock down the country and force an election and vote the thieving bastards out!

  3. Hey CD, you know I was almost elected pope! The vatican and told me that my application was turned in a day too late :(. On a more serious note, I definately agree with you re: the whole transition issue and a more “short term” pope…it’ll be interesting to see if they will eventually elect another black pope.


  4. I know what you mean about avoiding the scale. I refuse to get on the scale….unlike you, I don’t want to be depressed about my weight when I have a baby to concentrate on. The good thing about my pregnany was, I had lost major weight before I got pregnant. I was a size 4…..hmmmm

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