Everybody Loves Raymond


The season finale of Everybody Loves Raymond will air on CBS next week Monday. I am a sitcom junkie but only started watching ELR at the suggestion of one of my oldest friends in Canada (hey Lady Serendipity…) who just thought the comedy was so hilarious. I just thought Ray’s voice was somewhat annoying and for whatever reason, I never gravitated towards it.

Thanks to TBS (… my fave), I have been catching up on some of the old series of this comedy and have been loving every minute of it. As a matter of fact, I started watching ELR when I was “trapped” away from home in the British Virgin Islands last year. Maybe the desperation and torture of that situation had something to do with me appreciating it more. But, I love this comedy. I find it to be a true reflection of many lives. Typical story of the mother being involved in the lives of her son, too involved!! How many daughters-in-law can relate to this? I’ve heard women say that their sons are mama’s boys, expecting you to be just like their mother. The mother-in-law just doesn’t think the girl her son choses as his wife is capable of taking care of him the way she can. This comedy gives a close to realistic portrayal of this. It is hilarious.

One of my favourite bits on this sitcom is the arguments between Debra and Ray around their sex life (or lack thereof according to Raymond). He doesn’t think they have enough sex and she doesn’t enjoy it as much as she should. It just makes for very very very good comedy.

Although I am just now catching up on the last 9 years, I will be tuning in to the season finale! RIP ELR.


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  1. I watch once-n-awhile with my wife – she loves it. It is a good sitcom and we will be able to watch it for years in rerun. šŸ™‚

  2. I used to watch all the time but I couldn’t stand the mother. She was so overbearing..I stopped watching for awhile because of her..that’s how much she was affecting me….but I’m back on track.

  3. Totally off track: Wow! I love the icon you chose for the site… the nude girl sitting backways on the chair… Still it would be so much better if a real, flesh and blood, hot-blooded Jamaican lass were to pose for that picture herself, you done know! (*hint hint *)


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