Absolutely Fascinating


Before I get to the meat of the matter of this post, I must first say that I enjoy reading blogs immensely. It tells the tale of the writer, their personality, their beliefs, their perceptions, their thoughts. For those of you featured in “My Central Perk” section, it means that your blog is of significance to me in some small way. Now, I admit, I’ve been slacking off big time on the posting, reading and commenting on blogs but rest assured that once I go online, I try to read every single one of you … except 1. This one particular blog, when I first stumbled across it, had me so fascinated that I tried to catch up with this person from the day they started the blog – December 28, 2003. This blog, while I try to read it everyday, I realize that I have to be in a certain frame of mind to read it. It stimulates me on a serious level. As a result, if I check in and the topic appears to be DEEP, I will put off reading that post until I get home instead of rushing through it at work. Every Topic In The Universes makes for some extremely good reading. This person writes a lot, not so much about personal stuff but about things that we all think about sometimes but just don’t talk or write about.

The last 3 posts have been about topis of interest to me, particularly “Electronic Voice Phenomenon-EVP” and “The Future of Blogging”. Over my birthday weekend, I watched the movie mentioned in the EVP post, White Noise and found it to be quite a fascinating piece of work that caused me to think about the supernatural, paranormal and even the superficial. There are so many topics not explored for one reason or another and it is sad that we may be missing out on so many good and important things just because no one thinks it is important enough to research.

On the future of blogging, I still consider myself a new online blogger but must say that I have kept a manual paper journal since 1989 … yes people … I have documented my life since then until now, never daunting. Does this mean I’ll blog forever and ever until eternity? Probably not. We will continue to see many alternatives emerge but there will always be people who will not change with the times and will stick to their method of doing things, no matter how old fashioned it will seem to the rest of the world.

Mr. Omniverse, thanks for stimulating my mind when I read… just wish you would allow a comment or 2 sometimes. An email link wouldn’t be too bad either!!

More time.


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  1. Yes Scratchie. Very interesting. I notice you have been out for a week now but understandably so…. looking forward to your comeback.

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