What A Day!


Well, my staff and I went on a trip to Breezes Runaway Bay yestderday. It was absolutely fabulous! There was a lot to do and so little time. Of course you had the “fogies” who were just so anti-social you wanted to smack them upside the head. It eludes me on how someone can go to an all-inclusive resort with so many things to choose from and their activity of choice is reading a book in the hospitality room we got. Thankfully that was only 2 of the 11 of us that went.

The remaining 9 of us enjoyed almost everything Breezes had to offer. Some of the more adventurous amoung us wanted to go to the nude beach section to “observe” … but just didn’t have enough time to do even that. We went Kayaking, Snorkling, para-sailing, soaked leisurely in the hot tubs, played pool, table tennis, slot machines … and of course the food.

There were also contests for you to participate in. A colleague of mine and myself allowed us to be coerced by one of the Entertainment Coordinators to participate in a competition – 2 teams of 7 competing for $3,000,000 Breezes dollars which is you collect $20,000,000 Breezes dollars … you could win a bottle of Tia Maria … sounded like too much work just for a Tia Maria in my opinion but decided to be a good sport. The competition involved swimming a relay race, then the dead man’s float race and finally a cheering competition. My team lost sadly but we did win the cheering competition … and I did win my leg of the race being an ex-competition swimmer myself.

During lunch though, they had a Battle of The Sexes competition, boys against girls in 3 segments – drawing, general knowledge and a speed round. The girl power was demonstrated as the females creamed the males asses! The highlight of this was at the end of the competition, the females had to choose one member of the team to dress up like a man and vice-versa for the males. So you can picture a man with a neckace on with a bikini top and boxer shorts strutting his stuff and talking like a girl and dancing! Hilarious!

All in all it was a good day and now resting in prepartion for what will be a very hectic week for me at work. It was very nice to let our hair down though and have vowed to try and do it more often, the next time spending the weekend instead of just 1 day.

Catch up with y’all.


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  1. Wow CD, sound like a helluva lot of excitement still iya! Glad you had fun and hopefully you kicked the slump you were in from the previous post! Anyhow, enjoy the week!!

  2. I LOVE Breezes Runaway Bay… I’ve been there at least three times, but more likely four. It is really IRIE, man. Haven’t done the nude section yet, so maybe I should go back… what you think?

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