How Women Think


I just had to take a few minutes at work this morning to post this since I didn’t get a chance to do it yesterday.

First of all, it’s Monday and my day started off on a wrong note with a flat tyre this morning as a result of a monster pot hole I fell in yesterday which bent my rim. I will have to get that repaired today so I’m driving on spare today. However, I’m taking it easy … can’t bother to get all flustered about that right now. And I just know that this is the beginning of a positive week for me despite this negative start.

Now, how do women think? Sorry guys this is not “The Women Psyche 101” but rather my expression of a conversation that took place yesterday while I was at the hair dresser getting my hair and nails done. There was a woman there, pregnant and due around November 18. Apparently, the father of her child is now “dissing” her by being involved with another woman who works in a bar. This woman, a regular at the salon, is one that I listen to in disgust whenever she starts to talk about her man and her relationships. The way she behaves in relationships made me wonder if she really thinks she is doing good. Going through her man’s things, his phone, smelling him when he comes in at 3 in the morning to see if she smells women on him (even in the most private of parts). Apparently, she has left a previous boyfriend because he had gotten another girl pregnant and I suspect she thought that her current “baby daddy” would be kicked to the curb by “bar girl”. What planet is she living on if she still thinks that getting pregnant for a guy will “hold him”.

It is this display of behaviour that upsets me so much because it is these types of women that give the ones of good character, virtue and all that is respectable, a bad name. How can some women expect men to respect them and give them their due if the prove themselves to be beneath these expectations. It is indeed sad.

A previous post, A Virtuous Woman, outlined my basic view and this still stands today. One thing is for sure, no man will be given the satisfaction of creating scandal on me because of my behaviour. I pick my battles and have enough respect for myself to know when it is time to walk away.


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  1. Good thoughts CD, though I don’t plan to go into too much depth here, women sometimes do tend to degraded themselves. Lest they forget that they’re the mothers of civilization…

  2. Thankfully is not all women who behave this way.

    I don’t know why it is that so many of them think that each man that comes along will be the one to have what I heard one refer to as ‘the covenant’ the other day. And for each potential ‘covenant’ holder, you haffi prove you womanhood and have baby fe him! Sigh…one of Jamaicas biggest problems! Dr. D.

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