100 Things About Me


In light of my missing blog, and for those of you who may not have read this, here it is again.

In attempt to be different, below is my list: “101 Things About Me”

1. I’m an only child
2. I’m not a typical only child
3. My father told me that he wanted 7 children … before he had me!
4. I was the youngest person in my graduating class in High School
5. I was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica at 5:15 a.m. on May 14
6. My first sexual encounter occurred when I was 6 years old
7. This encounter was with an 8 year old boy
8. He didn’t know what sex was.
9. I think I have a split personality
10. I once got drunk on purpose
11. My best friend had to persuade me not to take my top off in the club
12. I was very very happy that night.
13. The first Cassette I ever bought was Tiffany’s debut album.
14. I have a passion for Music
15. I’m a sitcom junkie
16. My favourite comedy of all time is Seinfeld
17. People think my father and I are brother and sister because of the way we interact
18. If I had my choice of X-Men characters, I would be Mystique
19. Think I would call my daughter Mystique … (scary)
20. I want to have 6 children
21. I have none yet
22. I think Masters Degrees are over-rated
23. My favourite singer is Madonna
24. Both my parents are teachers
25. I work in Banking
26. I once had a pet cat named Princess
27. She got run down on the street where I live
28. A cat once crawled through my window and pounced on my back
29. I thought it was my father playing with me
30. I freaked out when I put my hand behind me and felt fur
31. I find the sea relaxing
32. I have a fear of drowning
33. I have an unnatural fear of cockroaches
34. I have a very high sex drive
35. If it were possible, I would have sex every day
36. Hhhhhhmmm, I think I need to make it possible!
37. I have an obsession with Thong panties
38. Someone once bought me “Anne Hooper’s Ultimate Sex Guide: A Sex Therapist’s personalized program for enriching your sex life”
39. A pack of Erotica condoms accompanied this gift
40. I would like to go on a European Cruise before I die
41. People constantly tell me I have a beautiful smile
42. I’m obsessed with brushing my teeth
43. My favourite toothpaste is Listerine Gel
44. I once wanted to be a Stand Up comedian
45. I once wanted to be a stripper
46. See #25
47. I hate teddy bears
48. My favourite alcoholic drink is Rum Cream
49. I’ve always wanted a baby sister
50. I’m in Love
51. I absolutely love astronomy
52. I don’t believe in aliens
53. I think Psychics are fake
54. I almost won the lottery once
55. Like to dance
56. I’m a wonderful person to have as a friend
57. I don’t like hypocrites
58. I think people take advantage of me sometimes
59. I think I’m capable of committing murder
60. And not get caught
61. I’ve never been called for Jury Duty
62. Hope that when I do it’s for a rape case
63. I believe in Capital punishment … (ooops, hope I didn’t make enemies here)
64. My cell phone currently rings “We Wish You a Merry X-Mas)
65. I have a Nokia cell phone
66. Nokia is my name rearranged
67. I love word games
68. My boyfriend constantly wins at Scrabble
69. He doesn’t know that I let him win
70. I’m smart
71. People think I’m very mature and wise for my age
72. People have thought this since I was 10
73. My dentist told me when I was 9 that I have the teeth of a 12 year old
74. I have kept a journal since 1989
75. I used to write poetry
76. I write less poetry now
77. I have hopes of being a Rock/Pop star someday
78. I came 2nd in a Singing Contest
79. I am someone you can count on, loyal, dependable and honest
80. I’ve shoplifted
81. And got caught
82. “I’m not a crook”
83. My favourite fragrance is Narcisse Chloe.
84. This fragrance aggravates the sinuses of 3 of my coworkers
85. I don’t wear Narcisse Chloe to work anymore
86. I enjoy being in Love. It’s Wonderful
87. I might elope instead of having a wedding
88. If I do have a wedding, I will only have 50 people in attendance (being very optimistic here)
89. I burp after having sex
90. Pleasure ………………… whoa!!
91. Sometimes I think I’m a masochist
92. I have calendars on my wall as far back as 1998
93. I make markings on my calendars for special days
94. I have dandruff
95. My favourite colour is purple, blue is a close 2nd
96. I once tried to practice telekinesis
97. Think that’s when I developed a Migraine
98. My mother used to think I faked headaches to escape chores
99. She sucks
100. I type 120 words per minute
101. To know me is to love me … honestly… I’m great!


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  1. #50 — me too. Nice, isn’t it?
    #100 — wish I could afford to hire you!!!

    Very nice post. I always like the “About Me” ones. Interesting.

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