If You Are Not Completely Satisfied, there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee


We have heard that saying so many times on the many informercials we see on cable tv these days. However, I would like to apply this phrase, not to any weight loss pill guaranteed to make you lose 20 lbs in one week while you still eat all you want, not to any natural male enhancement pill guaranteed to give you longer, harder erections for giving ultimate pleasure to your female partner, not to any vacuum cleaner guaranteed to clean your floor so clean, you will want to eat your dinner off it. No, no, no. I would like to apply this phrase to some of the men and women we have today.

This post is prompted by a dear friend of mine who has been in a relationship for a long time, longer than she should be, but because of love, committment, fear of the unknown, patience, stupidity, blindness, bliss, she has remained in it, not always happy, most time unhappy. She has now finally decided and has told him as much that she is extremely stressed out about the relationship and needs a break to put things in perspective. Surprisingly, he was not upset at this but rather said that he knew that she needed to do this.

Whether it is because he knows the error of his ways (which I strongly think is the reason for this calm reaction) or that he wants a break himself, I began to wonder, what does a person do after many years of committment to one person, only to realize that it was all a big waste of time? Can we get our money back? Can we get back the time invested in this person? Can we get a rebate of the pain and suffereing endured? I don’t want to sound melodramatic or anything but this type of thing happens all the time, in long-term relationships, common law marriages and real marriages. How does one feel at the end of such a long road? It is always a fear that prevents us from moving on when we know we should. We hold on and fight for something that just shouldn’t not be.

I understand her pain and my heart goes out to her. She will have (hopefully) learnt from the experience. She is a very strong woman and I know she will overcome and bounce back. She deserves to be happy.

For me, I admit that the hurt one can feel may seem unbearable, the world might seem to crumble and you may feel like jumping off a cliff. But … the experience should only make you stronger. It is always said don’t miss the lesson in anything that you do and relationships are no exception. It is the lesson learnt that is our money back guarantee.


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  1. Hmmm, interesting perspective. I agree with you about folks limiting themselves because of some fear or doubt and end up wasting years in the relationship. I suppose how you recover is definately based on your strength of character. Some of us move on and find better; others of us end up repeating the cycle over and over again. ‘Tis indeed a sad world when you realize that relationships aren’t like they used to be when we were in high school.

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