Staying Home :-)


Well, I have decided to stay home today. With all the work I’ve done this past two weeks, even carrying work home … I think I deserve a “Work From Home” day which I have decided to take today. I’m an on call person so no doubt my cell phone will ring constantly through out the day but I really need a break. I took some work home yesterday but was just too tired to look at it so I’ll work on those today in the comfort of my boudoire!!

OK everyone, don’t envy me because you have to be at work today. Don’t let the “bad mind” get active. Just be happy for me!

Will try to post again later today if I can take a break from the work I have to do!


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  1. Yuh tink is bad mind alone…grudgeful killing mi here to.
    Enjoy the work at home day though even if I would kill to be you right now.. 🙂

  2. I thougth about doing the same thing but unfortunately I left the comforts of Jamaica (being a salaried employee) to the hard life of Georgia (when you work you get paid, you don’t work, you don’t get paid). Steupse (hiss-teeth)!

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