Our Survey Says …


I would like to ask my readers a question. Looking forward to the comments on this one.

“If your partner received cunnilingus/felatio from someone else, would you consider it cheating, if you don’t do it to them?”

I wanna know …


8 responses »

  1. Interesting question. Hmmm… so the wife/significant other won’t do it, so my bwoy had it done elsewhere… is that cheating?

    Yes, I guess so.

    Would I feel guilty re the cheating…

    I suppose I would, but then, that relationship would have been doomed anyway… I don’t think I would want to be with someone who doesn’t want to give me head, or who doesn’t want me to eat them, so I wouldn’t really feel guilty. The blowjob would have just been the precursor to me breaking it off with them… after all, we obviously don’t have enough in common. 😉

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