What is Faith?


I found several definitions of the word but the below in Webster’s New World Dictionary, Second College Edition, explains it best

Faith: unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence

When we say we have faith what does it really mean? There are different dimensions of faith, I think. I also believe that there is a very thin line between faith and stupidity. There is nothing wrong in believing in something. Absolutely nothing. But, what is the very thing you believe in will be the cause of your downfall, be to your detriment? When you have faith in someone, that is almost a 360 degree turn. You believe in someone, you have faith in them, you expect them to be there for you, support you, stand by you. Is this level of faith expected to be reciprocated? What if it isn’t? Would you think that the friendship/relationship is not worth fighting for or staying in?

Knowing that someone believes in you, is willing to put their trust in you, have confidence in whatever it is you will do and feels assured that you will do all you can in any situation is a wonderful feeling. But, what does it mean to you?

This may all sound like mumbo jumbo right now … I feel like my thoughts are not flowing properly but the basic premise of this post is FAITH. How differently would you look at a person or the world if you couldn’t have faith in something or someone? How differently would you feel if no one had or could have faith in you?


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  1. Good thoughts. Can’t be answered in a jiffy. Never mind about thoughts not flowing coherently…that is often what makes for a good post…and also gives the reader an indication what the writer/blogger really is like. Dr. D.

  2. Hi CD, won’t say much but I have a faith testing experience working through now. Been going on for two years or so. It involves a really good friend. What I can tell you is that once you lose faith in someone it is so difficult to regain.

  3. CD, I definately feel you when you talk about faith. It’s a terrible thing to lose faith in people, but it’s even worse when people lose faith in you. In my experience, I’ve come to realize that because of certain issues almost two years ago, I’ve all but lost my faith in people…it’s really hard when you have to live your life guarded, not wanting to say too much to people, not wanting to get too close, etc…but on the other side of the coin, I’m probably better of with those whom I lost faith in…

  4. I have faith that people will operate in their self interest. If that person is part of a couple then their self interest should be to do, or not to do, things that are in the best interest of the couple’s relationship. It is a matter of what is important. Babies want what ever makes them feel good now while mature people look at a longer time frame. Its like cheating sex right now vs a long term loving relationship.

    I read this posting along with your last posting and I hope these questions are not based on something that has happen to you.

  5. Hi CD,
    Just dropping in to say hi to you again and check to see if u ok, especially after thinking about your last two posts.

  6. Sunsetman, my boyfriend always says that I think too much. I’m alway thinking about something, saying what if and why.

    The posts have nothing to do with me. Just things I’ve observed, heard people talk about and just wanted to know what my blog community thinks about it.

    AngryDog, I feel like shit when I disappoint someone who was counting on me so I try my best to avoid such situation. I feel though that I’m taken for granted sometimes because of my natural caring nature and that hurts too especially if the same people you are there for, are never there for you when you need someone.

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