Hypocrites annoy the hell out of me. I understand it is necessary to play the hypocrite sometimes but I am not in support of it especially on a whim or as a habit. My colleagues at work hear me say it all the time that I don’t think I could be a really big manager in a company I do not own, simply because of the level of hypocrisy, politics and bureacracy that exists. The pretences, the lies, I’m just not cut out for that sort of thing.

Maybe I’m just being a bitch, or being naive or just plain dumbass. However, I find it very hard to pretend. If I don’t like you, I try my best to avoid you. If I can’t avoid you then I maintain a civil relationship. I will come across cold in these situations but it would only be directed to that one individual. Does this make me a bad person? I would feel much better to know that a person said “I’m not that into you” than to smile with me, act as though we’re friends and getting along, only to slaughter me behind my back in one way or another. I hate that and I don’t appreciate people pretending to like me when deep down they really don’t.

Did I say hypocrites annoy the hell out of me? What I really meant to say is that I strongly dislike hypocrites. I know there are something that will always be around – double standards, hypocrisy, bureacracy and corruption. They exist and I detest them all!!!


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  1. I don’t do well with the hypocrisy myself. I tend not to be able to hide my true feelings though, as my facial expressions may well tell someone how I feel about them even if I am behaving differently.

    Nevertheless, I try not to go out of my way to offend people, so I may still quietly stomach someone that I don’t tek tea with if I can’t do better. Your point about avoidance is well taken…it is one of the psychological defence mechanisms that we all use from time to time.

    Nice to be able to put down thoughts of such a nature…I find I am not so much into that again….maybe I’ve been blogging too long!? Dr. D.

  2. Dr. D, I have a case right now that is going to be very difficult for me to deal with but I’ll try my best. I’m a strong woman and there isn’t anything I can’t handle.

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