Wonders Never Cease


Well, for those of you who have been reading this blog from its inception on June 13, 2004 may recall this post about Insurance Companies and the crap I went through after my accident in January last year.

Much to my amazement, pleasantly, I received my renewal notice for my car’s insurance which is due in another 2 weeks … I had to stop, sit down, rub my eyes and then read the premium notice again as I could not believe the amount I saw on it … It is more than a 60% reduction in my premium, which amounts to approximately US$565, down from a mind boggling, pocket brukkin’, tiefin’ amount of US$1,500 I paid last year!

My weekend has gotten off to a good start with this news …
And it just got better when I went online and checked my account and saw that they credited my allowance for June!!!

I’m happy … can ya tell???


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